Pilsner Urquell – We tap from a tank

Draft beer from beer tanks provides maximum quality.

The whole tank area is cooled down to a constant temperature of 8-10°C, which is the ideal temperature for storing beer.

Every beer tank is placed inside an airtight bag. It is thus protected from the external environment and there is no release of CO2 from the beer or weathering. The beer is pushed by air. Air pushes the beer bag only and does not come into contact with the beer inside. The bag is designed for a single use only in order to ensure maximum hygiene.


It is unpasteurised


It is stored in a cool box with a constant temperature


It has the right bite


It cannot pall, does not come into contact with air

Pilsner Urquell Club

Original personal tapping of tank beer in Pilsner Urquell Club – possible reservation for cca. 6 to 40 people, ie 1 to 4 big tables in a separated area with an optional own audio and video projection. Great for a closed society or just a bunch of friends, who would like to tap their own Pilsner.

Lunch Menu

By scanning this code, you can get the daily menu in your cell phone.

No smoking lounge

In the restaurant there is also a no smoking area suitable for families with children.

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